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Research, training and consultancy for media industries

In recent years, Finnish media production has truly entered the global media market. To survive the extremely competitive business, Finnish media companies need to reinforce their vitality, the diverse nature of their content portfolios, and the development of their skills and competencies. This calls for an enhanced ability to foresee changes in the media market and to turn artistic visions into competitive products. Medialogi Ltd. strives to ensure the competitive ability of Finnish media industry. Television and film production is particularly close to our hearts. We know the Finnish media landscape and deliver industry-specific information according to the needs of domestic and international operators.


We provide our clients with adept and relevant information as well as the expertise needed to develop their content production. Our expertise is grounded in over 20 years of practical experience in television and film production, in addition to extensive knowledge in media research and training.


We produce research data for example on Finnish content consumers, international financing instruments and the latest trends in content production. We are able to carry out various types of either contracted research projects or more concise analysis. In scientific studies, we mainly adhere to sociological and humanistic approaches. Our methodology covers, among others, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and various forms of content analysis. Our research results do not come in the form of intricate tables and charts, but rather as analyzed, visualized and applied information that caters to your needs and requirements. As we are well-versed in both television and film production and the latest research in the field, you can also make use of our expertise in the form of consulting.


We plan and implement various training opportunities in cooperation with other media industry operators and organizations. The themes and overall scope of the training is tailored according to the needs of each client. Training events may for example include lectures, workshops and forums. We source the latest research data on your chosen subject and the top professionals across the industry to share their knowledge and experience. Our networks broadly cover media and research institutions both at home and abroad, in addition to companies and organizations in television and film production. If necessary, we will also assist you in organizing the funding to arrange any training, as well as take care of the related marketing and communications.



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